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End of summer, start of autumn, return from hiatus… Actually, after CFA L2, I was super busy at work with an overseas project and I also moved homes so didn’t get any time to blog… I recently read this post which has inspired and motivated me to restart/resume/continue blogging… particularly this comparison:

Writing Is Like Working Out: Like working out, writing gets more and more difficult each day you skip. And if you skip a week or more, the mob euphemism “ForgetAboutIt” becomes quite literal. First you forget about your ideas, then you forget how to string them together into any coherent or entertaining thread, then you just say ‘forget it’ and saddle up on the couch for some despondent channel surfing. You stare at your Twitter or Facebook streams waiting for something to inspire you, and when it does, you might re-Tweet or Like it, or maybe you just let it pass as you search for something even more inspiring. Then the nights and weeks have passed and you haven’t even tried to get back into the swing.

  1. September 24, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    hi there, thanks for the link! and good luck in all your endeavors, sounds like you’re very busy—all good things too. I’ll add your blog to my reader!

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