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World Market Indices from 52 Week High/Low

How much have major stock markets worldwide dropped from their 52-week highs after yesterdays 2-4% drop?

Source: Google Finance, WSJ

Where do we go from here? Most bearish commentators expect a 20-30% correction from the recent peak (52-week high) before another sustained rally… Can we expect another 5-15% drop? Is the correction almost over or are we in for more downside?

Yesterday I pointed out the bearish technical signals on the S&P500 charts which – here are charts for some of the markets above with similar signals (mostly bearish)

UK – FTSE 100

FTSE 100 Technical Analysis - 30Jun2010

Chart Souce: stockcharts.com

Japan – Nikkei 225

Technical Analysis of Nikkei 225 index as of 30Jun2010... Price & MACD moving in opposite direction creating negative divergence & price-action confirmed by death cross - 50-day SMA crosses 200-day SMA

Chart Source: stockcharts.com


Canada – TSX Composite Index

Technical Analysis of TSX Composite index as of 29Jun2010... Price action indicates an ascending triangle and a possible continuation pattern...

Chart Souce: stockcharts.com

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